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Bombardieri is known throughout the world for his sculptures of wild animals and large pachyderms, such as rhinos, elephants, gorillas, often suspended, trapped or crushed by mountains of luggage. For Parma Bombardieri will create an exhibition built specifically for the spaces of Palazzo Marchi, whose considerable preciousness and beauty will remain at the center of the dialogue that the artist will create between his works, alternating between the most iconic and those with strictly conceptual connotations, and the halls historical and richly decorated that welcome them. A journey between past and present that traces a line of continuity in the name of art.

The exhibition will consist of monumental works and unpublished works, all centered on the relationship between man and nature, where the animal represents not only the link, but also the mirror through which to reflect and reflect on the legacy that the our time will leave to the future. Theme that constitutes a constant in Stefano Bombardieri's artistic research.

  • Dates: 1 April - 21 May

  • Location: Palazzo Marchi

  • Admission: €5
    Admission with 1h visit: €8
    Payment on the spot

  • Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays 11.00 – 20.00<
    April 25: 11.00 – 20.00

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