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The palace

In the heart of Parma, you can find a place with a timeless charm. Palazzo Marchi, a magnificent eighteenth-century building in the city, will lead you through the wonders of art and history of Parma , a small ducal capital, during the reign of the Bourbons.
Built on the initiative of Duke Scipione Grillo around 1770, it was bought by the Marchi family in the nineteenth century. Every part of the building, starting from the monumental façade, tells a story that has such deep roots that it takes us straight to the heart of the European culture of the time.
Through the drawings and prints by Petitot and Bossi , up to the splendid stucco decoration created by Giocondo Albertolli , the halls of the palace testify to the great value of the artists of the Academy of Fine Arts of Parma , an institution that has spread an artistic language of European mold in northern Italy and beyond.
Come and discover the hidden treasures inside Palazzo Marchi and live a unique experience!

The courtyard and the large staircase

The apartment on the main floor

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