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The arrival of the bride and guests has always been a moment of great impact; for this Palazzo Marchi will welcome them with an imperial monumental staircase decorated with statues by the artist Giuseppe Carra. The staircase can be set up with candles, lighting and floral decorations, thus creating a path that will lead guests to the elegant gallery, surrounded by a romantic and fascinating atmosphere. The Balconies, together with the Staircase and the Central Court, can also be used by the newlyweds for the initial photo shoot, thus leaving a memory of particular harmony and beauty.

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Upon entering the upper floor apartments, you will 
remain completely fascinated by the decorated lounges
with stucco and frescoes of great value.
The Salotti, containing unique pieces that are part of the museum area
of the Palace, can be set up for a
Welcome Drink in which guests and newlyweds will enjoy
a first welcome.
The Catering service may have several points of
support in the lounges, thus welcoming the guests and
creating a moment of particular charm.

Another moment of particular importance, which precedes the great moment of the Supper, is represented by the Aperitivo. The Palace has rooms that lend themselves perfectly to this moment:; sitting rooms communicating with each other, each with different characteristics and frescoes that will lead guests to explore the location even in the smallest details. The Aperitivo can be arranged in the style of a buffet: food & beverage islands in the different environments, or areas dedicated to beverage in conjunction with finger food in transit.

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Through a path of particular beauty that began with the arrival of the guests, you will enter the central hall, a unique environment of particular elegance thanks to its meticulous frescoes and stucco that surround it light will enter from the large windows arranged on both sides, emanating a perfect brightness for the moment. The Hall lends itself perfectly to an arrangement with round or imperial tables, depending on the personal taste of the Spouses and the numbers of Guests. The atmosphere will be made even more memorable by floral decorations and candles that will create the right balance between the Style of the Spouses and the Location.

The cutting of the cake is the moment that defines the reception; for this it is necessary to carefully choose its setting and location. Inside the Palace, there are numerous rooms that can lend themselves perfectly to this particular moment. The proposed rooms emanate the right atmosphere for this intimate and exclusive ritual  accompanied by the confetti and the Cadeau corner. Every detail present in the rooms, from the ornamental objects, such as the candelabra and precious chandeliers, to the elegant paintings and stucco of innumerable value, represent the perfect background for your Wedding Cake.

Torta nuziale e tabella di Champagne Flutes On


v Guarded and organized cloakroom
v Booking of parking spaces for Guests in the parking lots adjacent to the Location
v Wedding planner Only4U
v Only4U support for contact and choice of suppliers
v Guided tour of the museum area
v Overnight stay in the surrounding areas
v Transfer service and NCC
v Bachelor and bachelorette party organization service
v Honeymoon organization service

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